Ancient Warrior training methods ⛓️

Particular methods of training were used by ancient warriors to optimise their body functionality and build immense strength. This enabled them to crush their opponents and become champions!

With a tainted view of exercise, our modern obsession with becoming bigger, faster, and stronger has overshadowed the requirement to first, move well.

Following the same mundane movement patterns at the gym leads to dysfunction and poor core strength. 

Devoting time to participating in fun and alternative training methods will no doubt significantly increase your mobility and functionally!

An exemplary example of an unconventional, yet highly functional, training method is the mace bell. 

Use of the mace derives from ancient history. These effective tools were used as weaponry (in various forms). A typical mace had a long handle with a round, sometimes spiked, head. 

A successful warrior would see the potential for such a tool as both a bludgeon and versatile training apparatus. 

The swinging motion of this tool requires both body awareness and balance and is performed through unilateral exercises. 

This functional training tool works by disrupting balance and pushing the user to gain stability, by using core muscle groups.

Developing fluid motions through rhythmic movement patterns is great for developing coordination and stability. These skills greatly improve tasks such as throwing and running! 

Improving the base level of your movement capacity is imperative to functioning well and staying injury-free. 

Now that you understand the importance of moving well, it’s time to try some functionality exercises.

We are now providing outdoor personal training sessions, adhering to social distancing protocols. Sessions are available to book at your house (in your garden) or at a local park/public space.

Equipment such as kettlebells, steel mace, resistance bands and medicine balls will be provided and disinfected before, during (regularly) and after the session to minimise any risk of transmission.

Sessions will be £50 for 1 hour and £30 for 30 mins. Please contact us to book a session.

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