Thai Kickboxing Fitness 8 min bag workout

I love building Thai Kickboxing Fitness combinations! This blog post explains how to carry out a powerful 8 min bag workout combination.

But first, let me tell you a little about the ‘boxing bag’. Historically, different forms of heavy weighted bags have been used in martial arts, combat sports and military training. An example of early bag construction would be a gunny bag, made from hessian and filled with sand or grains. Similarly, modern bags are often filled with cut-up rags to provide the same thick, heavy structure.

Changing the angle, height, shape and thickness of a bag will alter your workout significantly. Not to mention, bags are brilliant tools for increasing coordination, timing and footwork (just to name a few).

Go orthodox (left leg forward) and southpaw (right leg forward) for 1 min each before moving to the next progression. This workout is pretty exhausting! I will post my equally hard combo within the next couple of days!

Try this out if you have a bag at home or join us at our outdoor gym in Longwell Green!

Jab, cross back. Jab cross, switch kick and check. Roundhouse kick, check and switch fake switch kick to side kick.

Building combinations on the bag or pads is a great way to work on coordination and speed whilst getting a really good workout!
In the video below, Tom builds a combination from a basic jab, cross, push kick, jab, cross, switch roundhouse. You can see how he builds the combination by adding checks and further strikes to make an 8-minute combination workout.

Bag Workout

Bag workouts are the perfect ‘social distance’ style workout. There are various ways you can train using a martial arts bag such as to improve agility, speed, focus, endurance and strength! If bag workouts aren’t your style, come down to our equally good, Longwell Green open hours, outdoor gym for personal trainer assisted weight training and circuit training.