Please help us save our Longwell Green gym – Bristol

Please help us save our Longwell Green gym in Bristol. Our training location is under threat and we were hoping you
might take 5 minutes to help us out!

As many of you know, the building we have operated out of over the
past 5 years (previously part of the Saville’s Freight depot) is due
to be demolished. We have been using space of Majestic
Gymnastics and our survival in this location is intertwined with their

When the land was sold for development Majestic Gymnastics were told
that they would be given the option of leasing space in any future
development, however the latest planning application makes no
inclusion for this despite there being a provision for this in
planning regulations under policy CS23.

We are asking that if you are comfortable to do so, that you please help us save our Longwell Green gym in Bristol by making an objection against the proposal. The objection / comment needs to come
from our customers individually and will need to highlight the
following points if you feel appropriate. Anything else you would like
to add on can also be done especially if you live locally and have any
other concerns.

– The application DOES NOT comply with policy CS23 by providing
replacement provision for a community club that is still in demand
– there is no alternative provision within walking distance to
fullfill your need for their sport

Planning portal link is below along with the planning reference where
you will be able to comment: Reference is P20/22431/O

And here is a link that goes straight to the comments page of the application

If you would like to discuss this any further with us then we would be
happy to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your time