Jiu jitsu: The successes of two Hungarians, a father and a son, in England

The little son of István Károly Varga Dr, did push-ups with his father at the age of three. Today he is
also a successful athlete.

11-year-old András István Varga won gold in his weight class, and his father, Dr. István Károly
Varga, won a silver medal at the 3rd Somerset Open Gi & NoGi British Jiu Jitsu Open
near Bristol in October 2021. “Because of its name, it was an open, international
and national competition with competitors from all over the world,” the father said. – English, Irish,
Russian, Iranian, Dutch, German, French, Kazakh, but also Uzbek starters, among others. Our
compatriots were not outside of us, my son and I both represented the Hungarian colors, although as
a member of the Gracie Barra Bristol Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club, where my little son competes in
England, we started without any financial or other support, on my own, just for sports.

jiu jitsu competitors

I confess I didn’t think I could be a medalist, I started the race to set an example for my little boy.
Of course, I trusted that András would finish on the podium, ”added the 48-year-old athlete, who, of
course, did not succeed by chance. “I have been playing sports since I was a child, in 1978 I started
playing judo in Győr, in the Győr Dózsa Sports Association. I had such well-known and
internationally recognized coaches as Miklós Vági, who has since died, or János Kovács, Ferenc
Puter and László Danyi.

As an adult, I moved to the capital, Budapest, but since then I haven’t
stopped playing sports. Moreover, in addition to judo, I also got a taste of bodybuilding, and today I
also have a personal trainer qualification, ”adds István, a lawyer, and the explanation for why they
competed in England is simple. My little son, as a member of the Gracie Barra Bristol Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu Club, can train under the hands of masters like Nicolai ‘Geeza’ Holt and Joanna Maple. He
developed a great deal 1 Under the direction of Andris, these masters. He tells all about this that jiu
jitsut is about. He started 1 year ago after judo and has been an English champion.

“We still moved out to the island country together, but then we broke up with Andris’ mother and
she and my son stayed out in England. Of course we keep in touch because I visit regularly with
family help. ”

According to his father, it is probable that his son inherited his love of sports from him. “At the age
of three, I was already doing the push-ups with him. Of course he was just sitting on my back then
and I was pushing… I’m so glad he fell in love with sports too. He is a talented and well-built child.
At the age of eleven, he is almost one hundred and seventy inches tall and has forty-one feet. In the
summer, when he has more time, he camps at home. He has been doing judo for four years, which
needless to say is an excellent basis for jiu jitsu.

He also won his first major outdoor race, the British Open, so to speak: he is an English champion.
István has always considered it important to set a pattern for his son. “I tried to be authentic in
everything, including sports.

Not only to explain in words, but also to show the exercises. because of this, I learned everything
over and over again. Maybe that’s why Andras became so hardworking. He is one who is not
satisfied with training. He also trains, prepares and practices a lot at home. He also loves to draw,
the far eastern dragons are his favourites. He’s good at that, too, but I wouldn’t mind becoming a top
athlete because the sport is in his blood. ” And his father doesn’t know yet if there will be a next
joint competition. “I’ve heard of siblings, but I don’t really know of a similar, father-son line-up.

The next race will not be up to me because I want to play sports for as long as I can. In September, I
finished third in Győr, Hungary, in the XXII. Open Masters Judo Hungarian Championship. I really
like racing, and when I start, I stand on the racing podium. ”