New Year resolutions do not work

Stats show most people break their resolutions. The important thing to consider for keeping New Year resolutions is setting achievable goals.

The stats:

  1. 43% people expect to fail within 30 days (by Feb)
  2. Nearly 25% quit within 1st week
  3. Nearly all quit by end of Jan
  4. 9% will see their goal through
  5. 91% of people will fail to achieve their New Year resolutions

This means that setting New Year resolutions, for the vast majority of people, does not work! And your self-worth and self-belief go down as a result of missing goals, and every year you perpetuate this cycle of illusion. Goals take work and setting a resolution or a goal is not work, it is a dream. It is too easy to set an unrealistic or unattainable goal, fail within a month and then give up until next year when you repeat the cycle. 

Two things that do work:

  1. Consistent actions
  2. Persistence and discipline of consistent actions

1- Consistent actions: if you want to lose weight then every day you do some exercise- do some weights, go for a run, go for a walk, spend 30 mins stretching. If you exercise every day, after a year you will be stronger, fitter & leaner. Stop setting goals and start doing consistent actions!

2- Persistence and discipline: do it when you’re bored, do it when it’s hard, do it when it hurts, do it when you’re distracted, do it anyway. Persistence and discipline will be the driving force to maintain consistency in the long run.

Instead of setting goals, set daily habits, set daily consistent actions. Consistency and persistence over time equals results. 

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