ProTom Fitness Corporate Training


Looking for a fitness option for your company, that gives employees more than just a 24/7 gym membership? At ProTom Fitness, we're more than happy to provide you and your company with private classes that will suit your business hours.

Our corporate classes guarantee variety far beyond your average simple class routine. As a specialised, complete physical training company we take care to properly analyse the individual needs of those at your firm, through questionnaires, meetings and tailoring our expert knowledge to your requirements.

Fitness is a complex activity and what might work for one person will not for another. Understanding this, we deliver simple but effective group personal training sessions where the focus is on learning about the people participating and educating them about their own needs physically.

Fitness is important, but remaining injury free is vital to fitness being a sustainable lifestyle choice for both company and employee alike. Prolonging injury-free fitness training is our goal and is proven to be the best guarantee to more rounded, happy and productive individuals and teams.

Contact us for free consultation and couple of trial sessions to see how can we fit in to fit your employees.

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