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We are running group personal training and classes in Clifton BS8, Central Bristol BS1, Redland BS6, Longwell Green BS30, Pill BS20 0DH and Bath BA 2


Group Personal Training (60 minutes)

This training program is a 16 weeks body transformation group personal training service. The session is a full body, group functional circuit training, mixed with high intensity interval training and unique training equipment to aim all different muscle groups and work them together as a unit. We use Kettlebells, G-flex suspension training, Freeform boards, callestenics etc. You will also receive a tailored made diet plan, gym/home training plan with a free medicine ball and access to our online training videos. This programme is for people who commit to train seriously to achieve their goals. Get fitter, stronger and leaner while enjoying personal training in a group. Book your 4 week trial for £119 only and start your journey with ProTom Fitness.


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4 Core Fitness - Strength training  (60 minutes)

Maximize your abdominal muscle function. This class is not about sit ups or crunches. Work the whole body and all your limbs with your core and deep supporting muscle groups. The training system is built on Medicine ball training, over 200 specific and structured moves. These sessions you can learn how to move properly and be injury free. Mastering all the 4 Core Fitness moves can help you to maintain good posture and avoid lower back pain. Trial sessions for £12.50 with money back guarantee. This training service will also include a free medicine ball and access to our online training videos for dour weeks for free.


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Quick Fit - Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes)

Tabata is becoming a popular form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) amongst both professional athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. Only four minutes in duration. Tabata offers fitness enthusiasts the ultimate, faster workout. “The tabata protocol is the perfect fitness solution for the busy, time conscious people,” small group training sessions Maximum of 10 people. Our classes are designed for different fitness levels so if you are a beginner or an advanced person in fitness, we just have the right exercise combinations for you! We make sure you do everything in the right technique to avoid any injuries, and enjoy the process. Trial sessions for £4 with money back guarantee.


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