4 Core Fitness® Strength Training

Gain strength, stamina, speed and agility.

4 Core Fitness® Strength Training will help you to maximize your abdominal muscle function. This class is not about sit-ups or crunches. Work the whole body and all your limbs with your core and deep supporting muscle groups. The training system is built on Medicine ball training, over 200 specific and structured moves.

These sessions help you learn how to move properly and stay injury-free. Mastering all the 4 Core Fitness® Strength Training moves can help you to maintain good posture and avoid lower back pain. Sessions run at many of our locations around Bristol. Trial sessions for £8 with a money-back guarantee.

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4 Core Fitness® group personal training is run by our sister company, if you would like to find out more please visit our 4 Core Fitness® website for more information and more training videos. Click Here!

You will get high level performance in form and function. If you have no time to come to our group classes? Train Online at home and in your own time! 4 Core Fitness® Online Personal Training