Quick-Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes)

Join a Quick Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes) session today!

Join one of our Quick-Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes) sessions today. These sessions are held at many of our training locations around Bristol!

Tabata is becoming a popular form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) amongst both professional athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. Only four minutes in duration. Tabata offers fitness enthusiasts the ultimate, faster workout. “The Tabata protocol is the perfect fitness solution for the busy, time conscious people.” Quick-Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes) are small group training sessions with a maximum of 10 people.

Our classes are designed for different fitness levels so if you are a beginner or an advanced person in fitness, we just have the right exercise combinations for you! We make sure you do everything in the right technique to avoid any injuries, and enjoy the process. Trial sessions for £4 with money back guarantee.

£ 4 Trial Session

Trial session with money back guarantee. Trial session coupon code is Quickfit01trial

£ 7 Per Session

Pay as you train

£ 26 Per Month

Block of 4 Sessions - £6.50 per session

£ 48 Per Month

Block of 4 Sessions - £6 per session

£ 66 Per Month

3 Month contract - Unlimited Access

£ 60 Per Month

6 Month contract - Unlimited Access

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