Thai Kickboxing Fitness

Group Personal training – Bristol

TKF is a 90 minutes long and combines martial arts like boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and high-intensity interval (HIIT) training. You’ll have a great time getting fit, making friends and learning the correct technique to execute some powerful moves.


Use promo code (TrialTKF8) to get your trial session for just £8!

This is not a boxercise class. We teach proper kickboxing, boxing and Thai boxing techniques to make sure our clients are staying injury-free. We are not a kickboxing club but everyone is welcome to come and train and have fun. Whether you are a beginner or advanced we can help you develop your fitness, confidence and self-defence skills.

All sessions are designed for individuals and their own training goals. We can achieve this by keeping the numbers down to less than 12 people per session.

Please note we are not running any ‘women only’ group sessions!

What are the benefits of Thai Kickboxing Fitness?

  • Lose weight – burn up to 800 calories per hour
  • Learn the right techniques – learn how to kick and punch properly and stay injury-free
  • Self-defence skills – learn some essential moves, at the same time as getting fit
  • Have fun – learn fun kickboxing combinations and make new friends
  • One on one attention – we spend a minimum of 3 minutes with each person, depending on how many people attend the class.
  • Build your confidence – push yourself, learn new skills and find out what you are capable of

How much does Thai Kickboxing Fitness cost?

  • Beginners trial session £8 – We hold trial sessions for just £8 on Tuesday & Friday 7 PM Longwell Green BS30 7DA, Wednesday 6 PM and Saturday 9:30 AM Redland BS6 6LE or at our Open-air training facility – Spaces are limited. Please enquire before booking.
£ 8 Trial Session

Book your group personal training trial session for £8 here (use promo code TrialTKF8 )

£ 15 Per Session

Pay as you train

£ 56 Per Month

Block of 4 sessions - 6 weeks expire.

£ 54 Per Month

3 month membership

£ 104 Per Month

Block of 8 sessions - 6 weeks expire.

£ 194 Per Month

One of our best selling Group PT package combined with Personal training (1:1 sessions) 3 Month Contract

You might also be interested in 7-day FREE access to our 8-week Online Training subscription course. Create a free account to start.

Thai kickboxing sessions are LIVE-streamed through our Online Training platform. Sign up and get 7-day FREE access! We also hold daily LIVE Online Group Training sessions on our online platform.

Trial session locations:

  • Tuesdays, Longwell Green, 5 Aldermoor Way, BS30 7DA from 7pm to 8:30pm
  • Open-Air gym Unit 7 Aldermoor Way, Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 7DA
  • Wednesday, Redland, 15 Hampton Lane, Bristol, BS6 6LE from 6 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Saturday at Workout harbourside, Welshback BS1 4SB from 10am to 11.30am

Advanced Thai kickboxer trial session £8 – if you are an advanced boxer, kickboxer, Thai boxer or have other martial art experience, you can attend on your trial session for just £8 on any day

Group Personal Training start from £13 – individual group sessions are £15 each but you can reduce this cost by block booking your sessions.

With your membership you will receive:

  • FREE good quality pair of gloves on your first 3 month membership
  • FREE mouth guard and groin guard after your 3rd month.
  • FREE pair of shinguards on your 9 month of training.

You will also have access to the following services with your membership:

  • Online recipe books
  • Home or gym training plans
  • Access to our closed groups on Facebook
  • Discounted access to our online training platform with discounts
  • Monthly Biometric scan so you can track your progress
  • £30 personalised nutrition plan based on your scan results provided by our own nutritionist*
  • Usually worth £60

We are here to train and educate you and giving a priceless experience, getting fit with martial arts is fun and very rewarding. Being more confident and skilled will take you beyond fitness!

Your membership is more than training, we provide a service and it is tailored to you!

How do I book and pay for a Thai Kickboxing Fitness trial session?

Booking a class or trial session with us is easy…

  1. Create an account (if you are already a client – simply log in to your account)
  2. Choose your trial session from the drop down list
  3. Pay online using our secure card payment system
  4. If you are new to training with us, we will also ask you to fill out a short questionnaire
  5. Your trial session is booked – all that’s left to do is turn up and have fun!
  6. After you have had your trial session, you can book sessions whenever you like through our handy timetable booking system.