Group Personal Training - Bristol - Bath - Longwell Green



Group personal training is a great way to get stronger and fitter, working with other will keep you more motivated. Making new friends with the same goals as yours will keep you more committed and more determent to achieve your goal


All our group Personal training sessions are provided by 4 core fitness, under multiple locations and plenty of options to train.  4 Core fitness offers a 4 weeks unlimited trial month, to make sure you a have a good feel of the sessions and give you time to fit in and create a good relationship with all the current members.


after your 4 weeks of training you not necessary have to sign up to any of the membership, 4 core fitness will already will give you a massive amount of knowledge about how to train well with your current body shape or if you have any injuries their help you to how to overcome and move better without causing more damage to yourself!


Professional team and online training videos with 24/7 support will also support on your journey


The group personal training sessions are limited maximum up to 6 people, and on your trial month everything you will receive is tailored to you except the your diet plan! You will receive a cook book with cooking videos and information about how to eat clean. Tailored diet plan will be provided members only. 



If you would like to find out about Locations, the offer regarding the 4 weeks unlimited access trial month, please visit 4 Core fitness group personal training page below:


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