Join Our Team of Passionate Coaches at Bristol

Are you a dedicated fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals? Look no further – we’re a private gym seeking enthusiastic coaches to join our dynamic team! Our studio is the perfect place to embark on your personal training journey or lead invigorating group classes.

Why Choose Us?

At our gym, we pride ourselves on providing a supportive and inclusive environment for both clients and trainers. While we already have a fantastic team of three trainers, we’re eager to expand our family to make the most out of our available hours. Whether you’re an experienced coach or just starting out, we welcome individuals who share our commitment to empowering others on their fitness journeys.

What We’re Looking For

  • Martial Arts Skills: If you bring martial art-based skills to the table, that’s a bonus! Our focus on pad work and martial art-based training creates a unique and engaging fitness experience.
  • Anatomy and Body Kinetics Knowledge: Essential for our business, having a good understanding of anatomy and body kinetics is crucial, especially when working with clients on rehabilitation and posture improvement. Your expertise will make a significant impact on their progress.
  • Client Base: While not mandatory, having your own client base is a definite advantage. We also refer clients to our trainers and collaborate with other professionals like physiotherapists and chiropractors, creating an opportunity to build your network.
  • Massage Room Available: If you offer massage services, we have a dedicated room for you to rent. This additional service can attract clients and provide an extra revenue stream.

Our Supportive Environment

We’re committed to providing an environment where trainers can thrive. We’re open to all experience levels, from beginners eager to learn to seasoned professionals. We have established protocols in place, making it easier for you to get started and succeed. Whether you’re looking to rent our studio for personal training or group classes, we’re here to support your growth.

If you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey with us and make a positive impact on people’s lives, we encourage you to inquire about joining our team. Your dedication and passion for fitness are what we value most, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our community.

Our Private gym locations are :

5 Westbury Mews, Bristol BS9 3QA

Barrs Court, Warmley, Bristol BS30 8XQ

Take the first step towards joining us by filling out our quick and easy form, and let’s make fitness and well-being accessible to all. Together, we’ll achieve greatness.