Personal Training Bristol

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ProTom Fitness has been providing high quality personal training and fitness classes in and around Bristol since 2008. Whether you are looking for sport-specific training, weight loss, rehabilitation, muscle strengthening or have any other fitness goals then we can help! Your mission is our mission.

We understand that going to the gym can be a repetitive and monotonous task for a lot of people, because of this we have no interest in putting you on the standard cardio and weights machines whilst we stand next to you counting and chatting. Instead we like to use a large variety of equipment and exercise techniques to constantly challenge and motivate you in new and interesting ways whilst staying true to your fitness goals. Our guarantee to you- you may get fitter, stronger and healthier but you will never get bored!

Our work doesn’t stop at planning and delivering your sessions though! All our clients signed up for 1-2-1 training or group personal training will receive:

  • Tailor-made diet plan (from a dietitian)
  • Home and gym training plan (interactive plan with visuals)
  • Monthly biometric weight in (Body composition test)
  • Access to our online membership site for 90 days
  • 3Kg medicine ball to be able to do your online training and home work
  • Cooking videos and our healthy recipe books
  • 24/7 access to us and being a member of our closed group on Facebook

Use promo code for your trial discount ‘PTtrial25’

How much does our personal training cost?

We offer a premium PT service in Bristol and there are many different locations where we can train you so it is always convenient to find a session and fit it around your busy lifestyle. Our new gym in Westbury on Trym and Warmley has the latest state of the art equipment and a fantastic space to workout in, but you don’t have to pay us for expensive gym memberships!

Our personal trainers have decades of experience and extensive credentials which reflect why we offer a premium personal training service. 

The cost of personal training can also depend on the length and frequency of your sessions. Most sessions are an hour long but we can be flexible according to your needs. 

We often have special offers and discounts for new clients who can try us for a free trial with a money back guarantee. Choose from the £25 trial session, a pay as you train £60 per session for returning clients and our £200 monthly package which works out as £50 per month for dedicated clients. 

While we know that the cost of personal training does influence your decision, we encourage you to choose us because of our wide experience and fitness offering. Come train with us in a world class space. Get fit and have fun! 

£ 25 Trial Session

Money back guarantee!

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60 min session

£ 60 Per Session

60 min long session.

£ 200 Per Month

£50 per session

3 month membership / One (60 min) session per week

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£ 380 Per Month

£47.50 per session

3 month membership / two (60 min) session per week

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£ 540 Per Month

£45 per session

3 month membership / three (60 min) session per week

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£ 192 Per Month

£48 per session

6 month membership / One (60 min) session per week

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Group Boxing and Thai Kickboxing

If you fancy trying something really different to the standard gym experience, we recommend our 1-2-1 or group Boxing and Thai Kickboxing training sessions. We teach proper technique so you will learn how to use your whole body to create power and control in your strikes- it really is a full body workout! Our Boxing and Thai Kickboxing sessions are a great way to get fit whilst learning a new skill and having fun! 

Group Personal Training

We also offer a variety of group personal training, training in local parks at Bristol and face to face sessions online on Zoom through our sister company  4 Core Fitness® Ltd