ProTom Fitness Testimonials*


I have used quite a few trainers before and I hate to exercise, I’m really lazy so ended up just really doing what I wanted to do and moaning a lot.

I finally found Tom. I had four or five months left to get lots of weight off in time for my wedding, and there is no getting away from it with Tom. He makes you work and sees all the sneaky tricks you might try in order to not work so hard.

However, he can’t count for love nor money and so you always end up doing more than he says you have done! But anyway I am now four, five month on, my wedding is on Saturday and I have lost probably about a stone and 5 pounds, and God knows how many centimeters*. And I still hate exercise, but actually I now quite like Kickboxing, which is bizarre.

Hi, I’m Karen and I am a regular runner.

For months I have had a pain in my hip. After the doctor told me to just take painkillers or wait for weeks to get physiotherapy, I tried the Abdomimax classes with Tom.

After only two sessions, I felt a significant difference, and after three sessions I ran 40 min the other day – absolutely pain-free.

Meaning that in such a short time, my muscles already learnt to improve my running style through Tom’s corrections, on how to place my feet or keep my hip straight.

Therefore I recommend trying Abdomimax to everyone, because it is incredibly helpful for your core strength, for running and probably for almost every other sport as well.

I have now been working with ProTom fitness for just under 9 months, what Tom has been able to do for me has been fantastic.

When I first started I thought I was reasonable fit but was stuck in a rut sitting at about 90kgs to put things simply I'm now weighing in at 79kg and been the fittest I've ever been*.

The way Tom works is spot on paying close attention to detail even within the class environment, he makes sure function and form are paramount before pushing the exercises further this makes sure that he has had an injury free record with his clients.

I cannot recommend ProTom fitness highly enough by far the best team for the job if you want to lose weight get fit and make whatever sport you do more enjoyable.

Hi I am Roshan Bharos,

I am Dutch national junior champion squash.

I have come to Bristol to pursue my dream,I want to be world nr. 1 in squash.

I am doing this with the aid of ProTom and the Abdomimax system.

It is very relevant to my sport, because it relates to functional movement.

They help me to climb the ladder to the very top and I would like to thank ProTom and Abdomimax for that.

*All our testimonials are real, but we cannot guarantee that you’ll experience the same results. Results can vary and will depend on your circumstances, your diet and the effort you put in.


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