Outdoor spaces

We hold outdoor training sessions at the following park locations in Bristol:

If you don’t see a location suitable for you on the list, please get in touch to enquire.

BS1 5RR – Cabot Tower
BS1 3XB – Castle Park
BS1 4LH – Queen Square
BS1 5RR – Brandon Hill
BS1 6HS – Temple Church
BS3 2EQ – Greville Smyth Park
BS3 4SN – Victoria Park
BS3 3AU – South Street Park
BS3 5LD – Marksbury Road Open Space
BS4 3HJ – Arnos Court Park
BS4 4NE – Victory Park
BS4 5LU – Stockwood Open Space
BS5 0TX – Riverside Park
BS5 7JE – Netham Park
BS5 7AA – St George Park
BS6 5AX – St Andrews Park
BS6 6PR – Cotham Gardens
BS6 7HE – Redland Park Children’s Playground
BS8 1HB – Berkeley Square
BS9 1FG – Clifton Downs
BS14 0AP – Hengrove Park
BS15 3AZ – Dundridge Park
BS15 3AW – Conham River Park
BS30 8ER – Coronation Park
BS30 7BQ – Barrs Court Play Area
BS31 1HL – Keynsham Bandstand, Memorial Park

Location Details

Many locations across Bristol available. Click to view.
Please enquire.