G-Flex Suspension Training and resistance exercise

Introducing, G-Flex Suspension Training and TRX (Total Resistance exercises). We love sharing new and exciting ways of improving your Personal Training experience.

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The latest addition to our training methods is the G-Flex Suspension Training, resistance workout. This versatile piece of training equipment helps you get even more out of your personal training sessions. The best part is, it is really fun to use! No matter what your current fitness level is, including a TRX workout with the G-Flex in your ProTom personal training program will benefit you. Just ask if you would like to try out this equipment during a session!

The G-Flex clips to any door frame or reinforced structure, and is immediately ready for you to use.  Using your own body weight and gravity to provide resistance, the G-Flex allows you to strengthen your core, burn fat and tone up, fast. Shake up your usual personal training sessions with this fun and productive tool.

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£ 380 Per Month

2 sessions per week

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