Group Personal Training and Corporate Personal training

This training program is a 16 weeks body transformation group personal training service which is provided by our sister company 4 Core Fitness® ltd.

4 Core fitness® will give you a 4 weeks unlimited access to all the group personal training sessions (over 20 sessions per week) with 7 days money back guarantee.

The session is a full body, group functional circuit training, mixed with high intensity interval training and unique training equipment to aim all different muscle groups and work them together as a unit.

We are 100 % sure of your achievement as on your first day we will take a full body composition measurement, which will be compared on your last session after your 4 weeks trial.

We use Kettlebells, G-flex suspension training, Freeform boards, weights, callestenics etc. You will also receive a tailored made diet plan, gym/home training plan with a free medicine ball and access to our online training videos. This programme is for people who commit to train seriously to achieve their goals. Get fitter, stronger and leaner while enjoying personal training in a group.

After your trial month you will be able to make a decision on, what would you like to do, which type of sessions did you enjoy the most.

Some people are very happy what they learned on their 4 weeks and they stayed tuned and keep training with us online, and others are very keen to learn more in a group or 1:1 personal training.

£ 119 Per Month

4 week trial. Unlimited access and more