Home or Outdoor Personal Training

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Personal training package includes 60 minute training sessions, tailored diet plan and unlimited
access to our online training program, for as long as you train with us.

With ProTom’s home personal training service you can get fit from the privacy of your own home.

We’ll tailor your sessions around you and your fitness or weight loss goals.

And just because you are training at home and not in a gym, it doesn’t mean that you sessions will
be boring. We use a variety of different training techniques including boxing, tabata and HIIT high
intensity training and body conditioning exercises. We also use a wide range of different fitness
equipment – including medicine balls, boxing equipment and resistance bands and dumbbells.

If you have a home gym, we can help you fall in love again with your neglected gym equipment by
showing you new exercises and techniques. No longer will you use your gym equipment to hang
your clothes on!

And if you get bored of staring at the same four walls – we can liven things up by taking our in home personal training out to your garden, in your street or in a local park.

We like to keep things different, fresh, challenging and fun.

We pride ourselves in teaching people to train injury free. When learning a new movement, we
ensure our clients are using the proper technique. Getting this correct is important to avoid injury
and improve performance, and having a mobile personal trainer to guide you through this process is
fundamental in ensuring positive results.

We are the only company that provides a complementary online training platform alongside our
home personal training sessions. Our online training programme features a series of video exercise
routines which targets all your core muscle groups, building real strength and stability with a step by
step programme and clearly defined exercises.

Plus, we’ll even give you your own tailored diet plan too!

So, instead of having takeaways delivered to your door, why not have one of our fitness trainers
at home instead?

What are the benefits of Mobile Personal Training with ProTom Fitness?

  • Expert training – from our highly qualified personal trainers
  • Personalised training plan – designed to suit your goals and abilities
  • Tailored diet plan – tailored to your sport specific, fitness or weight loss goals
  • In Home Personal Training plan – created for you to perform at home
  • Online training support – 24/7 access to the video routines on online training program
  • Flexible and convenient – we come to you and your training sessions can be booked to fit around your schedule
  • Learn the correct technique – to avoid injury and improve performance One on one support – with ongoing communication and feedback, to help you reach your fitness goals
  • Available in Bristol, Pill, Keynsham or Bath (10 mile radius)

How do I book and pay for a trial or mobile personal training session?

Booking a trial or a training session with us is easy…

  • Create an account (if you are already a client – simply log in to your account)
  • Choose your trial or training session from the drop down list
  • Pay online using our secure card payment system
  • If you are new to training with us, we will also ask you to fill out a short questionnaire
  • We’ll be in touch to book your appointment

Pricing options

£ 25 Trial Session

Use promo code 'PTtrial25'

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