Personal Training Bristol

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What is Personal Training?

Our Individual Personal Training programmes provide you with tailor made, one-on-one support from one of our experienced personal trainers. We provide personal training services at a number of locations around Bristol, so you can choose the trainer you want at a location that suits you!

No two people are exactly the same and sometimes a particular exercise or routine may not be suitable for you. Many exercises can be executed in a number of different ways. What may work for one body shape or bone structure may not be right for another.

Having a personal trainer who can identify the best training programme for you can help. By removing the guesswork from your training programme, we remove all that’s stopping you from realising your full physical potential!

All our Personal Training clients receive the following as part of their membership:

  • Tailor-made diet plan (from a dietitian)
  • Home and gym training plan (interactive plan with visuals)
  • Monthly biometric weight in (Body composition test)
  • Access to our online membership site for 30 days
  • 3Kg medicine ball to be able to do your online training and home work
  • Cooking videos and our healthy recipe books
  • 24/7 access to us and being a member of our closed group on Facebook

How will having a personal trainer help?

If you’ve ever tried to get fit on your own you’ll have realised that without motivation, positive results and constructive feedback it can become tough to stay focussed. Studies have shown that having clear, positive feedback and support helps to motivate people who are pursuing a fitness goal.

At ProTom fitness our personal trainers will not only motivate you, they’ll reward you too. Not with a present or a medal, but by showing you your improvement over time.

We record your progress from the beginning of your personal training journey, right through to the very end. We use your recorded progress to provide you with positive feedback during your training to show you just how well you’re progressing!

Having one of our personal trainers with you every step of the way will ensure you won’t stall or plateau in pursuit of your goal. Our personal trainers are trained to overcome any training difficulty you may encounter leaving you free to focus on giving it your all.

Your trainer will adapt & modify your training programme allowing you to relax knowing that the details of your training are in good hands.

With ProTom Fitness handling your personal training you can have fun while achieving your goals! We’ll give you all the skills you need to be the new, healthy you for the rest of your life!

Where can I train?

We offer personal training services at several locations in and around Bristol. You can select whichever location is best for you. To see a full list of our training locations, please visit our training locations page.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to train in the comfort of your own home we offer a personalised home personal training service to Bristol residents.

If you prefer to train with friends, we also offer a varierty of group personal training sessions through our sister company 4Core Fitness.

Pricing options

£ 25 Trial Session

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60 min session

£ 60 Per Session

60 min long session.

£ 200 Per Month

£50 per session

3 month membership / One (60 min) session per week

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£ 380 Per Month

£47.50 per session

3 month membership / two (60 min) session per week

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£ 540 Per Month

£45 per session

3 month membership / three (60 min) session per week

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£ 192 Per Month

£45 per session

6 month membership / One (60 min) session per week

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Or, train online…

Our sister company, 4 Core fitness ®, provide top quality Online Training services. Train from the comfort of your own home! Training sessions via ZOOM or you can subscribe for our popular on-demand 8-week Online Training.