Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training with friends or family is a fun and cost-effective way to get fit and strong!

Reach your full potential using our Semi-Private Personal Training sessions. These sessions are held under the expert guidance of our team! Couples training alone often struggle to maintain focus, engagement and structure throughout sessions. We see this every day in big gyms when people offer support without the proper knowledge or a friend trains another friend… As I mentioned on our 1:1 personal training page, no two people are the same and sometimes a particular exercise that works for you is not suitable for your friend.

It is hard to watch people of different abilities with different goals and/or body shapes trying to attempt the same exercises. One person might be taking a break or maybe trying to do, “spotting”.  And most of the time the spotting is wrong.

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Alternatively, the two just swap between exercises, doing exercises too fast or lifting too heavy. Exercising with the wrong posture will work for a while and then suddenly the body has enough and breaks down! I always hear from clients that their partners don’t keep up sessions with excuses such as, “the time is not longer convenient”.

Losing your gym buddy or training partner is hard and makes it difficult to continue your gym routine. Don’t let this stop you! 

The truth is, your level of accountability with a friend is not set in stone like having a contract or actually paying for gym session is. Your agreement with a trainer ads an element of meaning behind the whole journey! When you and your partner hire a personal trainer or a coach you will begin to hold each other more accountable to your individual goals and push each other to become fitter and healthier versions of yourselves. 

The benefits you will learn include: 

  • Learning exercise, function and form information relevant to you specifically.
  • Spot checking each other safely and effectively.
  • A specific training plan based around your needs.
  • You will be more excited to train together, chat less and focus more.
  • A change up of gym routine helps you to stop wasting time on unhelpful exercises or certain types of cardio training which aren’t effective or damage your posture.
  • Training independently gradually gets easier and more sustainable as you learn from your guide.

Your learning will be a future asset keeping you fit and healthy

Knowing what to do and how to do it will ensure you don’t fall back whilst keeping injury free. Choose a reliable professional over a gym buddy. We work around your schedule and location. Getting clarity and understanding what your fitness needs are is a short time investment that lasts forever. We tend to agree with the phrase, the couple who trains together, stays together! It is true that combing friendship or family with goals, sweat and hard work will create a very strong bond.

Pricing options

£ 40 Trial Session

Please use PROMO CODE (SPTtrial40) if you are just registered and booking your trial session, otherwise please pay the full price if you pay as you train!

£ 90 Per Session

Pay as you train! No contract!

£ 140 Per Month

3 Month programme. 1 Session per week per person

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£ 260 Per Month

3 Month programme. 2 Sessions per week per person

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We are also provide 6 month, 9 month and combined packages/contracts. For tailored personal training packages, please email