Ski-Fit Training

Is Ski-Fit Training training right for me?

Start our Ski-Fit Training to improve your confidence and stay injury-free! Do you hate the feeling of heavy legs and breathlessness when on the piste?

Then our ski workout programme is for you. Just 12 sessions (across a 6 week period) and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes.

Our Ski-Fit Training exercises have been specially designed to maximise your motor skills, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate your body weight through the different angles and uneven surfaces encountered, when skiing. 

This is achieved by following simple principles whilst varying repetition and combining different movement patterns. This results in improved coordination and reaction time.

A full range of movement is essential to stay injury-free whilst skiing. Great mobility and flexibility enables the body to adapt to challenging situations such as skiing, where you encounter changing directions and unexpected terrain conditions. Without great mobility, you can easily tear or pull muscles.

ProTom Fitness Personal Training in Bristol is a unique service. We work with you physically and mentally to improve your relationship with fitness. We assist you in becoming educated about your body and its potential.

Our service provides:

  • Expert training – from our highly qualified personal trainers
  • Detailed training plan – designed to get you ready for the slopes in 6 weeks
  • Home and gym exercise plan – to help you maximise your training
  • Flexible and convenient – we come you and training sessions can be booked to fit around your schedule
  • Learn the correct technique – to avoid injury and improve performance – both on and off the slopes
  • One on one support – with ongoing communication and feedback, to help you reach your fitness goals
  • A choice of Bristol training venue or remote coaching Online via Zoom – Private gym Westbury on Trym BS9 3QA and Warmley BS30 8XQ

6 Week Ski-Fit programme

The Ski-Fit training programme includes 12 x 60-minute training sessions and a tailored home & gym training plan.

  • Session 01 – In the first session, you’ll receive a ski fit MOT. We’ll check your movement patterns, mobility and flexibility.
  • Session 02 – Leg training, rotational exercises, suspension training and ab and back exercises. If we find issues in movement patterns, a home training or gym training session with specific ski exercises will be written for you to fix address these issues.
  • Session 03 – Lifting exercises for strengthening and posture, how to control your breathing and control and how to take advantage of abdominal pressure.
  • Session 04 – Bosu and cable exercises, general lightweight, weight training and bodyweight training.
  • Session 05 – Medicine ball, basic ladder training and core strengthening
  • Session 06 – General HIIT training and principles, posterior chain workouts and FreeForm board or gliding disc workouts.
  • Session 07 – Lateral movement skating principles with body weight and added weights.
  • Session 08 – Battle rope workouts and single-leg workouts with suspension training
    Session 09 – Stability ball workouts with some ski-specific movements, light lifting exercises with high reps and cardio HIIT conditioning.
  • Session 10 – BOSU jumps and double BOSU Polymeric workouts, advanced ladder training and lactic acid threshold training.
  • Session 11 – Cable Russian twists with variations and FreeForm board or gliding disc workouts.
  • Session 12 – BOSU jumps, double BOSU Polymeric workouts and advanced level of ladder training with Heismann principles.

Towards the end of each session, our trainers ensure you have stretched properly. Stretches are more important than the training itself.  These days many personal trainers neglect this.

How do I book?

  1. Create an account (if you are already a client – simply log in to your account)
  2. Choose your trial or training session from the drop-down list
  3. Pay online using our secure card payment system
  4. If you are new to training with us, we will also ask you to fill out a short questionnaire
  5. We’ll be in touch to book your appointment

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