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Expert Personal Training in Bristol

ProTom Fitness provides high-quality personal training and fitness classes in Bristol. Our experienced team work with anyone from professional athletes to nine-til-fivers. We specialise in injury-free fitness, rehabilitation training, strengthening, sports specific conditioning, weight loss, rehabilitation and core training.

Education based fitness

Our training methods are education-focused. On a base level, we teach people how to move well. This starts with an initial consultation that assesses injury or weakness. Our highly talented and experienced personal training team then tailor sessions around correcting movements and strengthening muscle groups to ensure body form is realigned and pain or tension is relieved.

We focus on strengthening your core muscles to provide your body with a solid base. Over-time, you will gain an understanding of how and why you move as you do. This enables you to self assess and correct elements of your workout independently and leaves you feeling more confident in the gym when you aren’t relying on us.

We produce strong, confident and self-sufficient athletes. Many of our client base are professional sportspeople who are looking for a more ‘personal’ service.

No two people are the same. What may work for one body shape or bone structure may not be right for another. A particular exercise or routine might not be suitable for the goals you want to achieve. There are endless ways to execute an exercise and with our support and guidance, we find the best method for you!

Having a personal trainer who can identify the best training programme for you will help you achieve your goals! Remove the guesswork from your training and realise your full physical potential!

We provide training at many locations around Bristol. Find out more about services, prices and operation.

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Tom Kickboxing in Bristol

Personal Training

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Personal Training Bristol

Use promo code for your trial discount ‘PTtrial25’ What is Personal Training? Our Individual Personal Training programmes provide you with tailor made, one-on-one support from one of our experienced personal […]

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1:1 Thai Kickboxing

Use promo code for your trial discount ‘PTtrial25’ – 1:1 Thai Kickboxing is personal training focused on teaching Thai boxing technique, combinations and footwork. Burn up to 800 calories in […]

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Personal Training in outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces, personal training enables you to train in an outdoor space such as a public park or private home garden. Our Outdoor Spaces, personal training package includes 60-minute training […]

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Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training with friends or family is a fun and cost-effective way to get fit and strong! Reach your full potential using our Semi-Private Personal Training sessions. These sessions […]

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group personal training session
Boxing Training

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Quick-Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes)

Join a Quick Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes) session today! Join one of our Quick-Fit – Tabata HIIT circuit (30 minutes) sessions today. These sessions are held at […]

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Thai Kickboxing Fitness

Group Personal training – Bristol TKF is a 90 minutes long and combines martial arts like boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and high-intensity interval (HIIT) training. You’ll have a great time […]

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4 Core Fitness® Strength Training

Gain strength, stamina, speed and agility. 4 Core Fitness® Strength Training will help you to maximize your abdominal muscle function. This class is not about sit-ups or crunches. Work the […]

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