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About ProTom Fitness

ProTom Fitness provides high quality personal training and fitness classes in Bristol & Bath. Our experienced team work with anyone from professional athletes to nine-til-fivers. Whether you are looking for something sports specific, weight loss, rehabilitation, muscle strengthening or anything in between then we can help - your mission is our mission.

We are different to many other trainers and training companies in the market. We believe that the use of the correct muscles and creating balance in the body and mind will bring you the most optimal results whatever the goal. Therefore we’ll ensure you’ll receive the highest level of training to get stronger and fitter, whilst remaining injury free. So, it’s no surprise we’ve been rated the 2nd best personal training company in the UK. 

Our services

We offer a range of classes and services – with something to suit everyone. We run Personal Training and group personal training  in Redland BS6, Clifton BS8, Longwell Green BS30, Pill BS20, Bath BA2 and on the Welshback in central Bristol BS1.

Personal training

Fitness classes and Group Personal Training 

What we offer is unique, challenging and fun - so what are you waiting for? Make one of the best decisions of your life and book your trial session now.

Life is a journey, it would be my honour to be part of yours.

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Tom Lakos, ProTom Fitness 

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