The benefit of our 4 Core Fitness for sport people

Case study: Karina, a squash player, age 14

I have been training Karina for over 8 months. I have to say, since that time, she has definitely improved ankle, knee and core control. 

After hit initial fitness test, I realised we had to major issues to sort out. Her left leg was weaker than her right leg, her peak flow was under the average and her lung capacity was holding back her performance. Finally she struggled with a stiff hamstring and pain in her left leg. These were the main reasons she came ProTom Fitness for Personal Training.

On our first Personal Training session I also realized she had little foot control when she lunged or changed directions from one position to the other position. The good news was that due to her age it is still pretty easy to form the body and help to improve form and function as well as flexibility. 

My personal experience is that as we age we lose flexibility and become badly imprinted with the wrong movements. These need so much time and commitment to correct. And when you are used to do things in a certain way for many years it is difficult to cope with the changing them – both mentally and physically.

To train Karina, I used a lot of exercises from my 4 Core Fitness training system. This ensured I was integrating all the muscles through the core abdominal muscles for only one purpose; creating efficient movement without wasting much energy. In sports this is one of the most important thing for the athletes – perfect movement without any injuries and spending as less energy possible with maximum power output.

Improving your fitness is not only about training, there are much more happening behind the scenes. I truly believe that moving the right way and designing the perfect execution of an exercise or exercise routine is much more valuable then just pushing the body to its limits all the time.

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